Dear guests,

Every Sunday you can watch our Chefs, Fabio Pollice and Radek Hasman, create a masterpiece right before your eyes. During lunch time, from 12 to 16hours they will prepare the soup coming from fishermen living in the Italian region Fano - "Brodetto Fanese." 

It is a very old recipe, which is based on rockfish and other 5-​8 kinds of fish or crustaceans (shrimp, scampi, mussels, cod, squid, halibut, Cicale etc.). Then you add an onion, garlic, wine, tomatoes, vinegar and parsley.

The traditional Italian soup is usually served with white bread and enriched with fresh lobster.

Be our guest and come and come to taste this unique offer!

Places can be booked by phone 222 713 222 or by e-​mail info@aromi.cz.

We look forward to seeing you!

Aromi restaurant team