Dear Guests,

As you already know, the main focus of our kitchen is on your satisfaction and this is most important to us.

We are therefore very pleased to introduce a new chef to you. Come to taste the delicious dishes created by chef Miroslav Grusz, who has worked in the restaurant Augustine and at the Four Seasons Hotel, among other places, and has garnered several prestigious awards during his career.

"I met with Riccardo Lucque while working in the hotel and it gives me great pleasure to be a chef in his business undertaking, because in the restaurant business, as far as I’m concerned, Aromi is definitely number one in the market,"said Miroslav Grusz.

Riccardo Lucque will continue to work with the current Aromi chef Radek Hasman in the original concept of the new company, called in Italian "rosticceria" which means that it is a space dedicated to roasting or grilling. The new venture called Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi  will be open in the end of November and is located near Jiřího z Poděbrad square.

And this brings us to the second bit of news we want to present.

In the newly opened shop there will be a vertical grill, where we will offer freshly grilled chickens and a varied hot buffet all day, made from the best what Italian cuisine has to offer.

But don’t forget the original shop address at Mánesova Street 83 – that’s where you’ll find the new butcher shop called "Macelleria" where you can buy meat and meat products with a guaranteed origin and quality.

We look forwardto meeting you with Miroslav Grusz.


Aromi team