Dear Guests,

We'd like to present you with the list of our Wine Tasting Classes for 2012.

Discover the best wines of Italy in the company of our experienced sommeliers and uncover the secret world of wine producers.

There will be ten Wine Tasting Classes in total, including Wines and Champagne, Pinot Noirs, White Wine from Alto Adige, Bordeaux and Barolo and Brunello.

Each class will be accompanied by a special dinner menu, which is included in the price/​fee for the class. You can see the menus for the classes on our webpage.

Our sommeliers - Flemming Laugesen, Pavel Kramár, Lukáš Merta, Jiří Markuzzi and Vít Hepnar - look forward to seeing you.

The Wine Tasting Classes are held in the Private room of La Finestra, Platnéřská 13, Prague 1 always from 6 p.m.

You can also give Gift Certificates for the Wine Tasting Classes as a present to your loved ones or business partners. Gift Certificates can be bought in our restaurants Aromi and La Finestra or in the shop La Bottega di Aromi.

We’ll be more than happy to arrange a Private Wine Tasting Course to suit your needs as well.

For more information please contact Tereza Vrchlavská, e-​mail: vrchlavska@aromi.cz, GSM: +420 774 248 820.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Aromi and La Finestra team