Dear guests,

Riccardo Lucque, Italian Chef and the owner of Restaurant Aromi, has published a new cookbook of his family recipes. His Book “Italian Cuisine” can be ordered in advance at our restaurant for a special price of 299 CZK.

Riccardo is a great Chef with a reputation that reaches all of Europe, as well as being a very kind and humble man. With great love, he´s been cooking around the world for two decades. And what was the origin of his art?

"In Italy we are used to all meet at one big table. Father always strictly observes the rule that, until everyone was at the table, we were not allowed to eat. The tradition of dining with the family was therefore quite crucial for me, "he confides. "I have two brothers, and because both my parents worked, I was the one who always took care of preparing food for others. My interest in food and cooking was really strong and has been since childhood. I watched my mother as she cooked. I am a gourmet and I like good things."

Indeed, his mom is his great role model because she says that good food in the restaurant must taste  as if prepared at home. Therefore Riccardo Lucque´s culinary art, including his recipes is so clear, tasty and popular.

See a sample from the Italian Cuisine. The book is a hardcover, large format (210mm w x 240mm h), and has 176 pages with lots of photos.

The Cookbook can be ordered by phone 222 713 222 or e-​mail info@aromi.cz.

Riccardo Lucque and the Aromi Restaurant team